What is a chatbot?2020-02-20T07:35:36+00:00

A Chatbot is a software created to chat like a human in chat apps. They answer questions and perform tasks using artificial intelligence to automate the boring human tasks in real-time.

What can I expect from a chatbot?2020-02-20T09:09:50+00:00

Different types of bots can handle different types of use cases.

Here are some types of things chatbots can do:

  1. FAQs: Chatbots can handle questions like ‘What are your store hours?’, ‘Which location is closest to me?’, and more, freeing up your agents to handle the more complex queries.
  2. Gathering customer information: Bots can pass off the who, what, where, when, and why to an agent, helping them contextualize queries and reducing time spent on each chat.
  3. Triage queries: Thanks to bot’s smart routing capabilities, customer queries can be routed to the appropriate department or agent.
  4. Shorter queues, faster responses: Chatbots can handle a virtually unlimited amount of chats simultaneously, cutting down on response time for customers. They can also deliver responses more quickly than human agents.
  5. 24/7 service: Bots provide an additional channel for customers to still get answers during off-hours when a human agent is not available.

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How do I know if a chatbot is right for me?2020-02-20T09:10:40+00:00

If you have customers, bots are right for you. A common misconception is that bots are only useful if you meet certain criteria or have certain scenarios. In reality, all businesses can benefit from bots, no matter the size.

The better question is: Which type of bot is best for you? Chatbots come in many sizes and shapes. Even if you don’t have a particularly high chat volume, your agents can still benefit from an agent-facing bot. Another example is even if you don’t have live chat, your customers can benefit from social media bots.

How do chatbots improve the customer experience?2020-02-20T09:11:05+00:00

Bots improve the customer experience by giving your customers the quick answers they demand, on their terms, anytime and anywhere they want. With the ability to provide 24/7 customer service and take on a virtually unlimited amount of customer queries simultaneously, bots are your queue busters and central automated hubs of information.

Taking it a step further, if your bot can’t answer a query, it’ll automatically route the customer to an agent who can – while also handing off the transcript to help the agent contextualize the interaction. No channel pivoting means no customers falling through the cracks. That’s a customer experience win.

What are some of the challenges can I expect with chatbots?2020-02-20T09:11:10+00:00

The hardest part is getting started. Building a smart chatbot that is logical and adds value to the customer can be hard. That’s why working with Sublime Bots is your best bet. We use our experience and expertise while working with you to ensure your chatbot adds value to both you and your customers.

Once your chatbot is up and running the next challenge is analyzing the results and knowing where optimizations can be made to improve your results and the customer experience. Again Sublime Bots are here to help you.

What security concerns are there with chatbots? 2020-02-20T09:11:16+00:00

Chatbot technology has no specific security concerns that differ from any other system. As long as your website and technology stack itself are set up securely and you take steps to ensure that your customer data is secure, then there’s no need to worry about security breaches with a bot.

That said, not every bot platform adheres to the same standards (just like other software).

How do I know if my chatbot will be successful?2020-02-20T09:11:21+00:00

As with any technology investment, chatbots are only as good as how they’re implemented and maintained. But if you plan and build out your bot with clear objectives and measurable milestones, success will be within your reach. You will know if your chatbot is successful through agent and customer feedback; decreased offline messages; and/or improved KPIs such as CSAT, shopping cart conversion, and others specific to your use case.

All marketing must be measurable. Chatbots are no different.

What platform do you build chatbots on?2020-02-20T09:11:34+00:00

Currently, Sublime Bots make our chatbots on the Facebook Messenger platform. There are a number of advantages to this as an individual or business. Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly active users – it’s the biggest chat app in the world.

You can also tap into user data held by Facebook to customize the user experience.

The Facebook Ads platform integrates flawlessly into your messenger chatbot to engage potential prospects and generate leads and sales that can allow you to maximize your ROI (return on investment).

Do I need to have a website to have a chatbot?2020-02-20T09:16:02+00:00

No, a chatbot can work all on its own to help you generate leads and sales.

All you require is a Facebook Page.

However, we do recommend having a website as a standard. It’s your own internet real estate which you have complete control over.

Do I own the chatbot you build for me?2020-02-20T09:11:51+00:00

Yes! You have full ownership and access to the chatbot that Sublime Bots build for you.

Do you provide monthly maintenance?2020-02-20T09:12:00+00:00

Yes, we provide custom monthly support packages based on your needs and requirements.


Are there any monthly costs to having a chatbot?2020-02-21T01:32:06+00:00

Yes! Just like you pay for hosting for a website or for your email autoresponder service there is a monthly charge for a chatbot.

You will typically pay $10 or more a month depending on the size of your audience. This fee always your chatbot to have powerful features that provide a better user experience and also helps you to make the most of your marketing efforts.

If you have additional services connected to your chatbot you may also need to pay a monthly fee for them. The most typical would be Zapier, which allows you to automate various tasks and actually saving you time and money.

Lastly, it’s in your best interest to continually optimize your bot to make the most out of it. For that, we offer monthly maintenance which is charged based on your unique requirements.

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Want To Be Part Of Our Company?

At Sublime Bots we build awesome chatbots that deliver results for our clients. We’re a global company with clients and employees based around the world. If you’re looking to work for a progressive company and have greater autonomy in the way you work then we may be the perfect fit for you.

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